Child Car Safety Seat Tips

ACRI – Tip #3:

When choosing what ‘type’ of infant safety seat to use: Either a convertible (0-4) or a dedicated / single use type, such as a lift out ‘capsule’, (0-6/12mths) it’s worth remembering that the safety environment is only a part of what it may offer. Consider your life style and transitional time, such as how many times (a day) you may need to use the vehicle, how far the vehicle is from the house and how easy is it to get the car and your family organised ready for travel. Transitions can be especially challenging with a new addition to the household.  The learning curve is steep and logistics may be difficult, so if buying or hiring a ‘lift out’ unit will make your life easier over this challenging period of parenting life, do it. The span of time that you may get to use a product is only one of the considerations.